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Why You Should Inspect the Plumbing Before Selling a House

Why You Should Inspect the Plumbing Before Selling a House

Selling a home requires lots of work since you may need to update its interior in addition to the exterior. However, a beautiful house is more likely to sell. As you go through your checklist, make sure you add a plumbing inspection to it so that you have another factor that helps your home stand out to all possible buyers. Keep reading for more information on why you should inspect the plumbing before selling a house.

Why You Need an Inspection

There could be issues with the plumbing fixtures depending on the age of your home. Often, older homes have dated plumbing systems, and as years go on, things break down. While you may not notice anything, you should have a plumber inspect the system. Breakage can occur naturally over time but may also occur due to tree growth—the roots could damage a pipeline.

It’s also worth noting that some buyers may request a full inspection before purchasing the home. By doing this ahead of time, you already know the value of your home. This way, both you and the buyer can agree on a fair price.

Signs You Need a Repair

Now that you know why you should inspect the plumbing before selling a house, you should also understand the common signs your system needs a repair. It’s usually time to call a plumber if you notice:

  • Large soft spots on the lawn
  • Unreasonably high water bills
  • Low water pressure
  • Drains that don’t drain

Preparing to list your home means checking off all criteria to ensure it sells. The last thing you want is for potential buyers to spot these issues since they’ll more than likely decide against buying your home. This is especially the case if plumbing issues are significant.

Make Repairs Right Away

If your home has a damaged plumbing system, then you should call a plumber before putting the house on the market. A home with these types of red flags is tough to sell, and the longer your home sits on the market, the more buyers may suspect that something’s wrong.

Just about every plumber will advise that you take care of plumbing issues as soon as possible. Experts recommend this because a burst pipe could result in water damage, which will only add to your selling expenses. Work with a sewer line repair company you can trust to ensure that you get all necessary repairs.


If you live in Seattle, Washington, or the surrounding area, contact Complete Trenchless for your plumbing repairs. You can count on us to resolve any plumbing problem in your home. We’ll do a complete inspection then write a free detailed estimate of what the job will entail.

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