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Seattle Yard Drainage Installation Services

Yard Drainage Installation Services in Seattle & Nearby Areas

Here at Complete Trenchless, we realize that there are some situations that absolutely require trenching. The installation of yard drainage systems is one of those situations. Almost all such systems involve digging either ditches or trenches, whether to make room for drainage materials or to provide basic paths of egress for excess water.

Yard Drainage Options


Ditches are some of the most basic solutions for yard drainage problems. If the ground is sloped properly, excess water runs off into the ditch and gets carried away. These excavations are so popular that they are found alongside almost every major public road, and those who live on side streets often put them in where the municipality has not.

Digging ditches is simple work, but physically very hard. Fortunately, this job is typically done by machine now, and excavation companies have no trouble with it.

French Drains

These start out with a trench, but they're typically much narrower than a ditch. Once the trench is done, a perforated drain pipe is installed, followed by a layer of gravel. Variations, such as putting gravel below the pipe as well as above, adding landscape fabric, and using washed gravel may also be employed.

French drains are more directed than ditches, and carry excess water from specific high points down slopes to areas where the water won't cause problems. Therefore, it's important to plan the start and end points as well as the pathway from one end to the other.

Typically, the gravel layer is left exposed. This makes it so that it is sometimes important to use visually appealing types of gravel. In some cases, the French drain is used as a hardscaping element, where it is meant to look good in the landscape instead of being hidden behind some sort of visual barrier. However, if all you need to do is keep a field draining properly, rather than make it look good in your yard, it is possible to use more basic construction methods.

Dry Wells

Unlike typical water wells, the point of a dry well is to collect water instead of delivering it. It is typically a large basin that holds about 50 gallons of water when full. The sides of a dry well's basin are perforated so that water can slowly percolate out into the surrounding area. Gravel is often used around these pits to aid in water dispersal.

The point of collecting water like this is to keep it from ponding in unwanted places. By dispersing the water slowly, the dry well also prevents the nearby ground from getting overloaded. This helps prevent the flooding of basements and eliminates undue stress on foundations.

Since a dry well disperses water to the area directly around it, there is no need to install pipes to drain the fluid away. However, these wells typically require holes big enough to use a digging machine to install them.

Catch Basins

Also known as yard drains, these are used when a dry well can't get rid of excess water fast enough. In areas with clay soil, heavy rains, or a combination of the two, extra measures must be taken to disperse the water.

A catch basin does away with the perforated containment barrel and replaces it with a barrel that's attached to a pipe. The pipe is routed to a location where it won't be a problem when water gushes out of it. Then, the pipe is buried in the ground so that it isn't an obstacle to mowing and other lawn activities. Visual appeal is also maintained by the burial of the pipe.

Combining Multiple Yard Drainage Solutions

Often, multiple drainage solutions need to be combined for maximum results. For example, a French drain or catch basin may have pipes that end at a ditch. The initial system gets the water away from the house or out of the yard, while the ditch helps to ensure that the water keeps going instead of ponding in another undesirable location.

No matter what type of yard drainage solutions are employed, some serious digging will be involved. Deep holes may need to be dug, or long trenches or ditches may be required. This alone is worth calling us here at Complete Trenchless to do the work. When you need multiple systems, it's definitely worth the investment.

Manually doing work like this can take an entire summer or longer, even if you're in great physical shape. With our machinery, we can often get the same work done in a day or two. Not only that, but with machinery, you never have to worry about throwing out your back or pulling a hamstring.

When it's time to install yard drainage, contact us here at Complete Trenchless. We'll get the job done quickly, safely, and properly.





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