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Pipe Bursting

Replacing pipes is difficult, time-consuming, and tedious work, both for the plumber and the property owner. At Complete Trenchless, we have invested in the latest and most innovative solutions to bring you the best no-dig solution without the hassles that come with traditional pipe repairs and replacements.

SEWER Line Repair

Pipe Bursting Procedures in Renton

Our professional technicians in Renton conduct an underground camera inspection using HD cameras and a flexible line. This contraption allows us to see through the entire system no matter how many corners or angles it has. Using a live video feed, we locate the source of the problem and come up with an accurate diagnosis and solution. If we find that the old pipe condition is too fragile, then we recommend the pipe bursting technique. Pipe bursting is a trenchless technology that can replace old and broken sewer or water pipes with ones that are more durable and have larger diameters.

The jobsite and environmental footprint to carry out trenchless sewer repair or replacement is relatively smaller than a traditional one. All of our technicians need two small access points. No contaminants, chemicals or toxic materials are used from start to end, making trenchless one of the best environment-friendly pipe replacement services out there. The new HDPE pipe is run through the exact same line as the ailing pipe; a bursting head scatters the fragments of the old line and sends it to the surrounding soil. There’s no need to remove the old pipe or have it sent to the nearest disposal facility.

sewer line repair

How Full Bore Saves Property Owners Time and Money

The length of time it takes to replace a sewer line in Renton will be much shorter when you opt for trenchless technology. The inspection process alone is done much more quickly and efficiently as compared to traditional methods. By using the latest equipment, our technicians can complete pipe replacements within one day. Residents, business owners and employees can resume their daily activities. The process makes the new pipe align perfectly with the old one, ensuring an excellent connection each and every time. Once the work is complete the main can be turned on and used immediately.

With fewer technicians needed, the whole replacement significantly less time than traditional repair methods. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about hiring the services of a landscape expert to put the land and the yard back to where it was. The new HDPE material boasts a long lifespan that reduces future pipe problems down the road. Moreover, the material is highly resistant against cracking, leaking, breaking, calcification, corrosion and root intrusion. Trenchless pipe bursting future-proofs your system for ultimate peace of mind.

Contact Complete Trenchless For Sustainable, Lasting Plumbing Solutions

At Complete Trenchless, we implement several trenchless technologies to have your Renton plumbing issues repaired or replaced in the best way possible. We take pride in quality workmanship done by knowledgeable and reliable technicians who arrive on time and complete the job with no hidden costs.





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