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Pipe Bursting

Not all plumbing companies are alike While some stick to traditional methods of replacing a broken sewer pipe, others choose to adapt with the times and embrace a more convenient and efficient method. At Complete Trenchless, we offer the no-dig solution for repairing or replacing broken sewer lines, all without having to excavate or damage your landscape.

Redmond pipe bursting is an ideal trenchless service that rehabilitates outdated, failing or undersized water and sewer pipes underneath traffic-prone areas such as roads, sidewalks, municipalities, city centers and the like. Our professional technicians highly recommend it as a viable fix for lateral lines found under yards, gardens or flooring.

SEWER Line Repair

What Are The Advantages Of Trenchless Pipe Bursting?

As one of the earliest adopters of trenchless technology in Redmond, we can safely say that trenchless beats traditional pipe replacement methods for several reasons.

Preserve The Surroundings

Trenchless is an environmentally sustainable replacement solution that doesn’t involve any digging up of earth, dirt or concrete. It’s the latest pipe replacement method that leaves nearby structures and landscape unharmed from start to finish. The process follows the same path and tunnel as the guide to where the new pipe should be installed.

Faster Installation

A replacement service in Redmond, Washington that doesn’t require digging is advantageous for the property owner for a number of reasons. First, the project can be completed much sooner than the time it takes to call in heavy machinery and added manpower to expose the pipes. At Complete Trenchless, our team of highly skilled, capable experts use the latest full bore equipment to minimize downtime and disruption as much as possible.

Lower Project Cost

Newer technology can make things easier for both technician and property owner. Our company provides the best pipe replacement services that saves our customers invaluable time and money. Smaller crew requirement means there’s less out-of-pocket expenses and more money saved overall. What’s more, you won’t need to worry about re-landscaping costs and the trouble that comes with it.

Water Main Break Repair

Procedural Overview of Pipe Bursting in Redmond

At Complete Trenchless, our technicians utilize the latest pneumatic tools and lateral bursting equipment to make any difficult pipe replacement task easier and more efficient. Pipe bursting systems are tailored solutions that cater to the dimension, material, and other conditions of your line. The bursting head can split apart and send pipe materials, i.e., clay, concrete, cast iron and PVC into the surrounding soil. Moreover, trenchless replacements can be used on various pipe sizes and function, potentially improving flow and capacity.

Our technicians create two small access points at the beginning and the end. The bursting head leads the charge, dragging the new pipe behind as it splits apart the old, ailing pipe. A precision tool makes sure that the pipe is exactly where it needs to be for a successful replacement.

The new pipe is made of HDPE material and is much more improved than the old one. The jointless and seamless feature prevents the accumulation of calcified matter, tree root invasion, breaks, leaks and cracks. Additionally, the HDPE pipe material is expected to last 40 years or more.

Get An Estimate From Our Trenchless Pipe Bursting Experts Today

At Complete Trenchless, our technicians understand that each pipe issue is unique. We implement a comprehensive and tailored approach to come up with the best possible solution to have your system restored. Call us today for an honest and thorough pipe evaluation to see if our trenchless solutions are right for you and your property.





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