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Sewer Rooter Seattle

Rooter Tree Pipes in Seattle, WA, and the Nearby Areas

Sewer Rooter in Seattle

Complete Trenchless Trenchless in Seattle has a robotic root cutting machine that can penetrate pipes and cut through roots and other blockages without damaging the rooter tree pipes in Seattle, WA or requiring the pipe or sewer drain to be replaced. This is called “trenchless” technology and allows Complete Trenchless to completely clear a pipe or clogged roots without digging up the pipe or flooring of the indoor building, outdoor landscaping, or parking lot.

sewer line repair

Common root issues are caused by:

  • Pipes too close to the surface are often problematic for rooting and trees
  • Off-road and rural pipes in wooded easements or tree-lined streets in Seattle
  • Lines with lots of lateral connections per foot
  • Sewer lines with loose-fitting joints or out-dated packing material
  • Pipes from asbestos-cement, Orangeburg, clay tile, oakum

Tree Roots in Pipes Seattle

Roots growing into pipes is one of the single most destructive problems that can occur in a sewer line or pipe system. Roots can reduce flow, block movement, cause flooding and overflows, reduce capacity or worse: causing hydrogen sulfide and other dangerous or odious gases near your home.

Why choose Complete Trenchless Seattle for Sewer Pipe Rooting?

  • We do all trenchless work – This means we won’t dig up your landscaping, destroy your parking lot, sidewalks and driveway, or do any other damage when conducting a repair.
  • We do it cheaper and faster than the rest – There are a number of factors and variables we will consider so as to offer you the best price possible. Latest Technology – We are proud to be on the cutting edge of today’s most viable water main repair technologies.
  • Personalized Customer Care – We work directly with customers before getting started and discuss all of your options so that you can choose the method that most fits your needs and budget.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service – You can’t predict when a water main will break. That’s why we are there for you whenever you need a sewer line repair in Seattle, WA. We’re available after hours and on weekends and nights, just give us a call.
Tree Roots in Pipes Seattle

We can provide solutions to sewer line problems in:

We also offer our services to other locations, including:

Seattle Area Tree Rooting and Pipe Repair

If you’re in the greater Seattle, Washington area from Tacoma to Renton to Redmond to Kirkland to Shoreline to Kenmore to Bellingham, downtown Seattle and more call Complete Trenchless at  206-512-5499 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment, and one of our expert technicians can provide you with a free estimate or quote.





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