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What Causes Sewer Backups?

By CompleteTrenchless | January 26, 2021
sewer line repair in Tacoma, WA

Sewer backups are no fun. If you experience one in your home, you’re not alone. You will have to get sewer line repair in Tacoma, WA with Complete Trenchless to fix the problem. These are the main causes of sewer backups. Heavy Rainfall Although it might seem surprising, heavy rainfall can actually lead to a sewer backup. Your sewer line has a limited capacity, which means that if too much water gets into it, you can suffer a sewer backup. If the water has nowhere else to go, you may need to replace the sewer line with professionals. Foreign Objects In some cases, you can prevent a sewer backup from happening to you. Some backups occur as a result of too much buildup of foreign objects clogging up your toilet. If the wrong things are flushed down deliberately or accidentally, you may need sewer pipe line repair to get things…

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Signs You Have A Damaged Water Line

By CompleteTrenchless | January 15, 2021
water line repair in Bellevue, WA

As a homeowner, you depend heavily on your water line. If it runs into a problem, you may need water lines services with Complete Trenchless. These are the signs that your water line has been damaged. Discolored Water One of the easiest ways to tell that your water line has been damaged and you need water line repair in Bellevue, WA is that your water is discolored. Your water should always be clear, but if the water line has suffered damage, it may come out brownish or reddish. Low Water Pressure Your water pressure may be very low if your water line has been damaged. You can tell if this is the case if all of your plumbing fixtures have low pressure. This is an annoying problem that often requires a water line replacement as water is most likely escaping from your main line. Soggy Spots on Your Lawn It’s…

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Common Sewer Issues During Winter

By CompleteTrenchless | January 4, 2021
trenchless sewer repair in Seattle, WA.

If you live in Seattle or its surrounding areas, you should be accustomed to cold temperatures. The cold brings a variety of common sewer issues, which get particularly severe in winter. As a result, companies such as Complete Trenchless receive a lot of calls from people who are looking for a trenchless sewer repair in Seattle, WA. Garbage Buildup Among the most common sewer issues during winter is the garbage in gutters. Unlike warmer months, the snow and ice mix with gunk to clog pipes. Due to long winters in the area, the buildup solidifies to block the pressure required for the water to clear the debris. Sometimes, the extent of the damage is visible on the ground prompting homeowners to call for trenchless sewer replacement service. Moisture Due to Icicles While house ice icicles hanging from the house roof may seem beautiful, these structures cause moisture when they melt.…

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When Do You Need Lateral Line Replacement?

By CompleteTrenchless | December 23, 2020
sewer line repair in Bellevue, WA

Lateral lines take sewage away from your home or business to the main line. There are many times when you should be able to contact Complete Trenchless for sewer line repair in Bellevue, WA that doesn’t involve full replacement. However, there are some circumstances that make lateral line replacement worth considering. The Line Has Completely Collapsed If damage to a lateral line is minimal, sewer pipe line repair is often the better option. However, replacing a lateral line is often what’s suggested if most or all of the line has collapsed. With situations like this, it’s generally best to have an entirely new line installed rather than opt for application of a new coating. Repairs Are More Frequent and Costly Lateral sewer line replacement is also worth considering if you are in need of increasingly frequent and costly repairs. This can be the case if you have an older lateral…

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Dealing With a Water Main Blow-Out

By CompleteTrenchless | December 17, 2020
damaged water line

Coming home to a burst water main is a disaster. It’s important to know what to do if this happens to you. At Complete Trenchless, we offer a rapid response to your damaged water line. Follow these tips when you have a water main blow-out. Call for Emergency Repairs The first thing to do when you have a water main blow-out is call us for water lines services. We’ll get to your location as quickly as possible. We secure all the necessary permits for replacing water lines. Turn Off the Water While waiting for us to perform your water line repair in Tacoma, WA, you need to halt the flow of water to your home. Find your water meter. Turn off the water to your home. You may need a wrench to do this. It’s good to know in advance where the right tool is and where the water meter…

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