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Horizontal Directional Pipe Drilling

Renton Washington Horizontal Directional Boring

Complete Trenchless Inc. is dedicated to providing excellent horizontal drilling services. We are constantly abreast with new innovations, equipment, and technology to best serve our clients in Renton. By choosing us to handle all your pipe repair and replacement needs, you can be certain of a non-invasive and environmentally green process that involves zero digging.

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Horizontal drilling, or sometimes known as directional boring is one of the best new technologies to come out of the plumbing industry. HDD is the preferred solution for new installations, replacement of water or wastewater pipes, and to effectively rehabilitate failing pipes as well.

Horizontal directional boring is suited for almost all soil conditions, whether you’re dealing with soft or loose soil, and for crossing artificial barriers, i.e., runways and highways, and natural ones, i.e., lakes, rivers and others.

A Brief Overview of Horizontal Directional Drilling in Renton, WA

Horizontal directional drilling starts with creating a small diameter hole acting as the pilot and providing steering information. A drill head that’s suited for ground conditions gets to the entry point and follows a predetermined route. During the hole boring, a steel drill string follows closely behind the cutting head. Technicians put a tracker at the head so the bore operator can check for the correct progress, alignment, and depth during the entire procedure.

The bore eventually reams to a larger diameter which supports the product pipe. Technicians pull back the reamer and rotate it while simultaneously introducing drilling fluid in order to remove the solids and make the hole bigger. Then, the product pipe gets introduced during the final pullback stage via a swivel connector when the drill string is withdrawn. Most HDD machines use drilling fluid to stabilize the bore during the process.

HDD allows our technicians to drill horizontally accurately and without any problems, thereby eliminating the need to dig trenches. Destroying the landscape is no longer a necessity, which preserves the environment. Projects are completed sooner, which means that entire water supplies and drainage systems can be turned back on as soon as the product pipe is in place. Our technicians use polyethylene pipe because it has greater strength, flexibility and the jointless feature makes it as durable as the original pipe, if not stronger.

Call Complete Trenchless Inc. For A Horizontal Directional Boring Estimate Today

At Complete Trenchless Inc. we have been serving satisfied customers for more than 10 years. We work with homeowners, business owners, contractors and government agencies across Renton. Our team is well-trained and experienced in drilling along the bore path and the installation of the new product pipe with evident high-quality craftsmanship. Speak with one of our horizontal directional drilling experts to learn more and get an estimate.





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