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Horizontal Directional Pipe Drilling

Complete Trenchless proudly brings superior horizontal directional boring technology to residents and business leaders in Tacoma, Washington. Our modern installation methods can replace a buried pipe or utility line without extensive damage to your property or major disturbance to your household or business.

Horizontal Directional Boring in Tacoma Washington

Horizontal directional boring is a new method of pipe and conduit installation that is uniquely designed to better handle the difficult soil on the banks of the Puget Sound. Tacoma’s wet, silty soil and very-high water table make excavation an especially tough prospect. The excess water makes trench walls to dissolve inward or floods the hole during the repair process, which extends the time of the project and drives up costs.

sewer line repair

Complete Trenchless horizontal directional boring techniques avoid these problems by working with the wet soil to create a narrow passage for the new pipe to easily enter. In addition to being more effective, Complete Trenchless horizontal directional boring methods are also less invasive than other repairs. Because the repair is completed almost entirely below ground, we avoid the large areas of damage to your property assets that are common in other dig-and-install pipe or utility connections.

The smaller repair footprint and reduced work crew size not only minimize the amount of disruption to your family, business, or constituents, but also saves thousands of dollars in project costs, up to as much as 40% over traditional repairs. Plus, our procedures are more environmentally sensitive, protecting plant life and animal habitats, reducing soil erosion in repair areas, and preventing contamination from seeping into surrounding soil.

How The Boring Process Works In Residential Communities In Tacoma, Washington

To install your pipe or utility conduit, we begin by drilling a tiny pilot hole through the soil using our specially engineered drill. Our experienced technicians are experts at correctly aligning the tool to ensure that the path is perfectly straight and correctly angled to both work properly and meet the current Tacoma building regulations.

Once the pilot hole is in place, we guide a larger drilling tool along this track to open a wider channel below the ground where the new pipe will slip into place. In especially soft soil areas, we have additional materials that will reinforce the channel walls to make sure we maintain the opening at the correct specifications. With the channel prepared, the Complete Trenchless technician will insert a seamless pipe into the opening and pull it through, where it can be joined to the surrounding connections for a fast, reliable, cost-effective repair solution.

Complete Trenchless has been serving the Tacoma area for over ten years and is the area expert in horizontal directional boring technology. We offer solutions for any application: residential homes and multi-family housing communities, commercial or retail shopping areas, industrial settings, and even municipal projects. Available drilling diameters range from one inch to thirty inches, so we can handle everything from a small utility connection to a sewer main installation. We can even install pipes below paved parking areas, roadways, sidewalks and walls, dramatically reducing the disruption to vehicle or pedestrian traffic in public areas.

Call Complete Trenchless For Reliable, No-Dig Solutions Today!

For reliable, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly pipe installation, horizontal directional boring by Complete Trenchless is the preferred provider in the Tacoma, Washington area. We pride ourselves on premium service and guaranteed results. Call us today to discuss your unique needs and we’ll develop a solution for you!





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