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Seattle Water Main Installation Services

Water Line Installation in Seattle, WA, and the Nearby Areas

Commercial and Residential Water Main Installation in Seattle

At Complete Trenchless Inc., we specialize in water line installation in Seattle, WA to provide the community with clean water all year long. Residential, commercial, and municipal properties all have water mains that allow for clean water to flow into structures, so individuals can do things like wash dishes, water the lawn, and take showers. Our team at Complete Trenchless Inc. is comprised of industry professionals who are experts in water main installation and will install new water main with precision and care.

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Signs Your Property Needs a New Water Main

At Complete Trenchless Inc., we pride ourselves on providing customers with the most reliable form of water installation possible. There are several signs that property owners can identify to decide whether or not they need to install a new water main.

  • Discolored Water – It is normal for small debris to occasionally flow out of your pipes from time to time, however, if you are noticing that your water is a consistent brown color it is an indicator that there is corrosion within your pipelines.
  • Low Water Pressure – If your drains are producing water at low pressure, not only does that mean you could have a clog or leak within your pipe, but it means that your water main could be in need of replacement.
  • Flooded Landscape – In the state of Washington, it can be hard to tell if flooding is due to rain or it is actually a water main issue. In the event that your landscape is flooded more than normal or is flooded in the absence of rain, it is a definite sign of a damaged water line that needs to be serviced.
  • High Utility Bills – It is generally a homeowner’s goal to keep their utility bills at a reasonable price. If you notice that your water bill has gone up significantly and for no reason at all, it could be a sign that your water main is experiencing problems that could include replacement.

Factors That Affect Water Main Installation

Our team at Complete Trenchless Inc. is highly-reliable because we consider all factors when installing your new water main. Factors that affect the water line installation process include access to your pipelines, the depth of your water main, and the location of your water main. Water mains that are located in difficult positions can make it hard for installation to take place. In an area populated by trees, it is important to consider how they will affect the water main after it is installed. The depth of your current water main is valuable to the water main installation process because it will determine how the installation process needs to be conducted: trenchless or excavation. Lastly, the location of your property is important in water main installation because it will help our team understand what kind of material is used in the area and what kind of material will need to be used for your new water main.

Installing Your Water Main

At Complete Trenchless Inc., we can install new water main with boring or excavation. Boring includes a boring device that creates small pits underground to install the new water main pipe. It requires to access points to be dug. The tool used when boring is an air-powered by compresses air that created an underground tunnel to house your new water main. When the boring process is completed the two access holes are filled in and your landscape is restored to its former appearance. Excavation includes trenches that are dug across the property to effectively install a new sewer line. The excavation process allows the water main installation to be closely conducted because technicians can directly see everything happening. When the excavation process is complete, the trenches will be backfilled.

Our team at Complete Trenchless Inc. services Seattle and its surrounding areas with effective water main installation services they can rely on. If you are noticing signs that you could need a water line replacement or if your property needs water main installed, call our team of local experts today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We are always standing by and ready to assist you!





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