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Seattle Side Sewer Contractor, Registered

Find an expert when you need a side sewer repair in Seattle, WA and Nearby Areas

Side sewer problems are growing more commonplace as Seattle’s aging concrete pipes reach the end of their life expectancy. A side sewer fault is troublesome because it can run under the street, driveways, and sidewalks and is the property owner’s responsibility – not the public utility’s problem.

When your side sewer goes bad, seek an expert registered with the City of Seattle for the best outcome. Side sewer regulations are complex, differ from the general plumbing code and vary by location. Complete Trenchless is a Seattle Registered Side Sewer Contractor (RSSC) with the expertise you need.

What is a side sewer and why should you care?

Side sewers run from your home or business and carry drainage and waste water from toilets, sinks, drains and downspouts out to the public sewer system. They run from your property or building up to the connection to the public main. Side sewers go under your yard and extend under sidewalks, driveways and even out into the street.

If you own your residence or business property, you are responsible for repairs. If you rent, your landlord should foot the bill for repairs. Side sewer repairs can be extensive if the damaged area extends under the street or sidewalk – that’s when trenchless solutions are preferred.

When you need a side sewer repair, choose wisely

If a side sewer repair requires right-of-way permits, you must hire a Registered Side Sewer Contractor. If the repair involves replacing, repairing or installing sewer or storm pipe that discharges out into the public system, you must use an RSSC.

sewer line repair

To be safe, it’s best from the onset to choose a registered contractor rather than find out once you’re into the repair that you need one. Using a registered and experienced contractor helps protect you and ensures the work is done properly. Complete Trenchless has decades of experience with sewer, water main, and side sewer work.

Choose Complete Trenchless for guaranteed work and the best results for your side sewer replacement or repair

We have experienced personnel on staff that are trained, certified and passed the Registered Side Sewer Contractor exam required for all RSSC professionals in Seattle. Complete Trenchless is a Registered Side Sewer Contractor in good standing with the City of Seattle and our trenchless and directional drilling solutions mean minimal disruption and a more cost-effective solution.

If you want to know more about your side sewer and where it ties into the main, click here to see the Seattle side sewer map. You can search by address to see where your side sewer is located and how old it is.

Contact Complete Trenchless today

If you need side sewer work, contact Complete Trenchless for help. We’ve been serving residents and business owners in the greater Seattle area for more than 20 years. We can tackle sewer or water line replacement or repair.

Complete Trenchless is family owned and operated and uses the latest trenchless technology and directional drilling to minimize disruption to your lawn and your life. Call 206-512-5499 to reach Complete Trenchless in Seattle, WA.





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