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Seattle Directional Boring Services

Trenchless Directional Boring Services in Seattle, WA

Directional boring, also known as horizontal directional drilling, is a process that involves conduits placed on a bore path for underground pipe installation. HDD is often the go-to solution when excavation or trenching is an impossible task. At Complete Trenchless, we specialize in professional directional trenchless boring in Seattle, WA, as well as various other trenchless technology services to deliver excellent results for our clients.

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Benefits of Directional Boring

In an increasingly crowded underground, directional boring has risen over the years and is now the best solution for laying down the underground sewer and water lines. At Complete Trenchless, directional boring is the preferred method as it offers the following advantages:

  • Versatile Process. HDD can be used to lay longer pipes in a deeper ground location. Compatible pipe materials that can be installed include HDPE, steel, and mechanical joint PVC, among others.
  • Minimal Disruption. Everything is done below the ground without needing an access pit. There are fewer disturbances and greater efficiency involved. Directional boring can be done in urban areas where there’s a lot of traffic. Moreover, there’s little to no negative impact on the surroundings and the environment.
  • Low Cost. Horizontal directional drilling offers better value for money compared to similar projects such as open trenching, jack & bore, and microtunneling.
  • Shorter Completion Time. Our company can lay down thousands of feet in new piping in less time it takes traditional pipe-laying processes to complete. Clients can choose from pipe diameters ranging from 36 to 48 inches.
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The Directional Drilling Process

Horizontal drilling will require a specialized drill rig that’s able to navigate a rod underground through extended distances. An environmentally sound drilling fluid (usually a mix of bentonite or polymer with water) accompanies the work and is continuously pumped to the drill bit or cutting head to cool the head, stabilize the borehole, lubricate the passage, and remove the cuttings.

Guidance and location are of the utmost importance when in the process of horizontal drilling. While the drill works underground, our drilling company technicians will have to know where it’s going and steer the machinery with precision and accuracy.

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Benefits of Horizontal Drilling Applications

Our technicians use it to place utility pipes under roads, railways, rivers, shore approaches, and other congested or environmentally sensitive areas. In residential properties, directional drilling can enable water line installation without disturbing the current landscape. Directional boring can also be used in the oil and gas industry. Lateral drilling in wells where there are gas-bearing or oil-bearing rock is possible and in multiple angles where there’s a vertical well hole. HDD may be used to install conduits and utility pipelines. Our experienced crew can work around obstacles and assets, including electrical, gas, sewer, and water systems to complete the project in a satisfactory manner.

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At Complete Trenchless, we have a reputation for stellar workmanship combined with affordable prices. You can rely on our professional technicians and our latest trenchless tools and equipment to complete horizontal directional drilling projects and trenchless services on time. Call our team today or fill out our online form to get the work done in an efficient manner and at a reasonable cost.





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