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Horizontal Directional Pipe Drilling

Businesses and residents in Redmond, Washington appreciate high-tech solutions, and Complete Trenchless is proud to bring the latest technology in pipe and utility installation services to our customers in the area. Our horizontal directional boring solution uses transmitted sensor data to remotely drill channels for pipes below ground for efficient, cost-effective installation.

Horizontal Drilling in Redmond Washington

Trenchless installation solutions such as horizontal directional boring offer several advantages over the traditional method of trench-digging for pipe and utility line installations. Rather than extensive digging, we require only a small hole at either end of the work area to allow insertion of the drilling tool and pipe. This reduces the impact of the property owner by eliminating costly landscape restoration, repaving of driveways or parking areas, and cutting project time from several days to just a day or two.

sewer line repair

It also prevents soil erosion, contamination, and excessive landfill waste, making the entire process easier on the local environment. Reduced labor, restoration costs and environmental fees all contribute to a typical project cost savings of almost half the price of other choices. Complete Trenchless is widely respected as an area leader in boring service, and we’ve invested in the latest advances to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of this effective solution.

How Horizontal Directional Boring Repairs Are Conducted In Redmond, Washington

The key to horizontal directional boring is the transmission of data between the drilling head below ground and the technicians on the surface. Precision guidance of the drill is essential for ensuring a proper installation, particularly in long-distance installations over half a mile. Complete Trenchless’s expert technicians have multiple options that allow us to drill with accuracy for reliable results.

The walk-over locating system uses a transmitter on the drill head that sends the angle, rotation, direction, and temperature to a handheld receiver where the technician analyzes it and adjusts the tool as needed. Wire-line locating uses a magnetic guidance system to feed information along the drill string so that the technician can make adjustments. For larger diameter installations, gyro-based locating can used to drill hundreds of feet of channel with near-perfect accuracy.

To install your utility line, Complete Trenchless begins by precision-drilling a pilot hole for the length of the pipe to establish the drill path. Next, we work a drilling head through the drill path that expands and stabilized it until we reach the necessary diameter for your application. We can install lines from as narrow as one inch in diameter to as wide as thirty inches, making us the go-to provider for homeowners, commercial developers, industrial applications, and local municipal projects. To complete the application, we insert a pipe or conduit of the appropriate material into the channel and attach it, then fill the small holes.

Call Complete Trenchless To Repair Your Drain Lines & Sewer Pipes Today!

Complete Trenchless has been providing advanced water, sewer, gas, and utility connection service for over ten years, and we specialize in horizontal directional boring as a reliable, affordable, environmentally responsible solution. Our customers’ many positive reviews are indicative of our commitment to great service and guaranteed results. Call today to learn more about how we can work with you!






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