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Bellevue Horizontal Directional Pipe Drilling

Beautiful, booming Bellevue, Washington can count on Complete Trenchless for reliable, affordable horizontal directional boring service. This modern method of below-ground installation makes water, sewer, or utility connections a much easier prospect. We’re experts at putting this technology to work for our customers to save your time and money.

What Is Horizontal Directional Boring?

Horizontal directional boring uses a high-tech drilling system that can be guided beneath the soil to create a tunnel where a new pipe can be installed. It eliminates the need to dig a trench the full length of the pipe, which protects your property features and significantly cuts the cost of the process. We begin by opening a small hole at either end of the installation path, then we drill a narrow pilot channel from one end to the other.

sewer line repair

This serves as a guideline for the larger, pipe drilling tool which works along this pilot to open a tunnel to the full diameter needed. With the channel prepared, we insert the new pipe and connect it to complete the procedure. Complete Trenchless can install pipes from as narrow as one inch to as wide as thirty inches, so we’re prepared for both individual and commercial projects.

As a local service provider, Complete Trenchless technicians are experts at properly planning for and handling the difficult Bellevue soil. Our unique location sandwiched between the Puget Sound and Lake Sammamish creates unusually moist, sandy soil that makes trenching difficult. Horizontal directional boring can easily create the opening needed to install new pipe and is not as heavily impacted by excess water and slippery soil as other methods, so it’s our recommended solution for many new installations in the area.

What Are The Benefits Of Horizontal Directional Boring In Bellevue, Washington?

Horizontal directional boring by Complete Trenchless is particularly beneficial in Bellevue’s many high-rise business buildings and apartment communities. Pipe and utility connections that need to extend beneath parking areas to reach the vertical stacks inside the building can cost tens of thousands of dollars to install if the asphalt or concrete must be removed in the process. We can install new pipe or conduit beneath the existing paved areas, dramatically reducing the impact of the process on your customers and cutting the cost by 40% or more.

In addition to being both more efficient and most cost-effective, horizontal directional boring is also more environmentally responsible. Our technique preserves trees, bushes, and grassy areas where animals, birds and beneficial insects make their homes. It also reduces areas of loose soil following a repair, which cuts down on soil erosion. The process produces little-to-no landfill waste, and the seamless pipe itself used in our repairs is leak-free, which keeps contamination out of soil.

Call Complete Trenchless To Learn More About Our No-Dig, Trenchless Services Today!

At Complete Trenchless, we pride ourselves on effective, affordable, eco-friendly solutions, and that’s why we’ve chosen horizontal directional boring as one of our advanced technology services. When we complete a repair, we want every customer to feel that the received the best value and highest-level customer service available. Let us show you why people in Bellevue have been choosing us for over 10 years. Call today!





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