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What Is Horizontal Drilling?

Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal drilling, also known as horizontal directional drilling, has been around for decades. The drilling method is widely used today by homeowners and commercial entities for a variety of purposes, such as in conjunction with sewer pipe line repair in Tacoma, WA. Horizontal drilling is also highly effective when it comes to the installation of…

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Why Choose Us for Water Line Repair

water line repair in Bellevue, WA

If issues with a damaged water line in Bellevue, WA, led you to Complete Trenchless, you’ve come to the right place. We have a customer-focused approach to water line repair that can make your experience with us a pleasant and productive one. Take a moment to learn how you can benefit from choosing us for…

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When Is Trenchless Pipe Lining the Optimal Choice?

trenchless pipe lining in Seattle, WA

Complete Trenchless is the company you can trust for reliable trenchless sewer repair in Seattle, WA. This is an increasingly popular and cost-effective option preferred by many homeowners. After all, it can be done without digging. However, trenchless methods aren’t always best, as it will still depend on the circumstances.  Here is when trenchless pipe…

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