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Traditional vs. Trenchless Sewer Repair: Which Is Better?

A damaged or burst sewer line is nearly every homeowner’s worst nightmare, and to many, this means pricy repairs plus torn-up landscaping. This leads to other expenses like buying new shrubbery or hiring landscapers to make your yard beautiful again. However, this is only the case with traditional sewer repair, not trenchless. Weigh out your…

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4 Common Type of Sewer Line Pipe Materials

Looking into the four common types of sewer line pipe materials gives you a better understanding of your home and sewer lines. Each of the materials used is a bit different and has varying lifespans. Expand your knowledge on sewer lines to better know when it’s time to repair or replace yours. Clay Tile Pipe Many older homes have…

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Homeowner’s Guide To Sewer Systems: What You Need To Know

Although many say septic systems are a thing of the past, quite a few homes still have one. A septic system is vital to homes that are off the grid or in rural areas. While we often worry about the AC going out or the roof leaking, maintaining your septic system is just as important.…

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