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Bellevue WA Camera Inspection

If you’re seeking a solution for your plumbing problems in Bellevue, Washington Complete Trenchless offers you a solution that not only discovers the problem but also offers access to effective and long-lasting solutions: camera inspections. Camera inspections can save you time, money, and energy by identifying small problems before they become bigger which allows them to be corrected when they are more manageable.

Why Camera Inspections?

Camera inspections use an HD, waterproof camera attached to a firm hose that is snaked down your pipes once they’re emptied of water. This process is cheaper, faster, and easier than traditional inspection methods, which could take 2-3 weeks to complete, can require excavation, and may impact property value as well as require repair and cleanup afterwards.

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Bellevue Camera Inspection Benefits

There are many benefits to camera inspections. Not only do camera inspections ensure we will find the exact problem, but they also allow us to share those findings with our clients. Camera inspections can correctly diagnose a clogging, leaking, rusting, collapsing, crushed, root invaded, or animal-infested pipe with ease.

There are a variety of causes for issues in pipes. Root invasions are caused by roots seeking out moisture. Clogs can be caused by fats, greases, food, hair, soap scum, or waste from bath drains, shower drains, or sink drains. Animal infestations can occur because of leaks or cracks occurring in the pipes that then allow animals inside your pipes, seeking food sources. Cracks, leaks, collapsing, and crushing can occur because of internal or external damages. Corrosion and erosion further these problems; pipes made from PVC, copper, brass, and cast-iron are all prone to rusting, corrosion, and erosion. PVC pipes, or pipes made from similar plastic materials, are prone to cracking due to pressure demands.

Emergency Camera Inspections

If you do have problems inside your pipes that demand an immediate solution, Complete Trenchless is there for you in the middle of your emergency. We offer financing options, quotes, and top-of-the-line trenchless technologies that can save you money and time. We offer both commercial and residential services, saving you money at home and at work.

All our jobs are completed using trenchless methods. These methods, using state of the art equipment and technologies, can save you weeks of project time and thousands of dollars, as well as lots of energy spent worrying and stressing about repairing property and damages done by excavation. With trenchless technologies, you don’t have to worry about costly digging and excavation, property repairs, or stressful weeks. Most trenchless repairs or replacements can be completed in one to three days, and Complete Trenchless offers full service drilling on any pipes from 1” in diameter to 30” in diameter.

Not only do we offer trenchless services, we also complete all repairs with the latest technologies and offer personalized customer care. When we speak with you about a solution, it’s truly custom-tailored to your problem, budget, and needs. We also offer 24/7 emergency service, since you don’t decide when your water main or sewer line will break.

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