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How Does a Trenchless Machine Work?

How a Trenchless Machine Works

Trenchless pipe repair is a process that requires the Complete Trenchless team to use a special mini camera to go underground to pinpoint where the broken or corroded pipe is located. Once we find the pipe, we use our trenchless pipe lining technique to fix the problem. As part of our trenchless services, our team can also recommend doing a trenchless pipe replacement.

If this explanation leads to more questions, you’re not alone. Let’s answer a few of them right now, like how trenchless machines work and when horizontal drilling would be beneficial to you.

Table of Contents

  • How Does a Trenchless Machine Work?
  • Why You May Need a Trenchless Machine 
  • Hire Complete Trenchless in Washington

How Does a Trenchless Machine Work?

Trenchless Machine

Trenchless digging is also known as horizontal boring, horizontal drilling, or directional drilling. These machines have the capability of pushing, pulling, and rotating drilling rods underground with minimal disruption to the ground above. Landscaping, sidewalks, and roads won’t need to be destroyed and repaired! That is why trenching is so important for installing underground utilities like sewers, water pipes, fiber optic cables, and more.

The task is accomplished by piercing the ground with a drilling bit at a low angle. The bit is spun and pushed through the soil. At the same time, poles are adjacently added to increase the reach. This allows the machine and its operator to reach the desired depth. Then, the drilling tips level out to maintain a horizontal bore. When it reaches its destination, a pipe, line, or conduit is pulled back through the hole. It is actually pretty simple! 

Why You May Need a Trenchless Machine 

Trenchless technology offers many advantages over traditional methods, particularly when it comes to the underground installation of utilities with minimum surface disruption. The costs associated with it are lower, without sacrificing greater installation depth. This is important because deeper installation means there is a less chance of damaging existing underground utilities. Plus, there is less equipment, manpower, and fuel needed per area of installation. This lowers the costs even further. 

You should consider hiring a trenchless machine if you answer with a yes to two or more of the below questions

  • Do you need the pipe 5 ft deep or more?
  • Is the pipe below the water table?
  • Is the ground soil unstable in any way?
  • Are there other utilities in the way?
  • Is the installation in a residential area?
  • Is the installation in an urban area?
  • Is the installation under a roadway, railroad or river?

Hire Complete Trenchless in Washington

Hire Complete Trenchless in Washington

If you read this and now realize you need a trenchless machine for the job needed at your property, the team to call is Complete Trenchless! Every homeowner and business owner should have access to a professional and reliable trenchless sewer repair company that knows how to get the job done. We are Washington’s top contractor for all things related to commercial and residential trenching needs. Contact us today to learn more about how trenchless machines work, what they can do for you, and the complete list of Complete Trenchless services.

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