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Seattle Pipe Bursting Services

Professional Pipe Bursting Contractors in Seattle

Save time and money with trenchless pipe bursting

Complete Trenchless provides state-of-the-art pipe bursting services to replace any faulty pipe or sewer line. If you have water or sewer line problems—whether they’re commercial or residential—we can help.

Contact Complete Trenchless now in Seattle at 206-512-5499 to find out more—we have more than 25 years of experience, adhere to a tradition of hard work, and use the latest tools and technology to deliver superior results when it comes to sewer pipe line repair.

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Why Hire Complete Trenchless?

  • We specialize in sewer line repair and trenchless pipe bursting services in Seattle, WA, and the nearby areas
  • We are family owned and operated
  • We never farm out work to subcontractors - You will always get Complete Trenchless experts on-site with every job

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SEWER Line Repair

What Is Pipe Bursting?

If you have badly damaged pipes, trenchless pipe bursting can help. It’s an all-at-one process that can replace sewer line, simultaneously knocking out your old pipes and replacing them with new perfect pipes. Here’s how:

#1 Video diagnosis

We always conduct video diagnosis before any sewer or water line repair or replacement so we know exactly what’s going on in your pipes. We’ll show you what we find and discuss the best solution. Water line pipe bursting is usually recommended when there’s extensive damage to pipes.

#2 Minimal prep work

Because our work is trenchless, there’s no need to dig up your lawn. Pipe bursting requires just two small holes – one at each end of the sewer line that needs to be replaced. We use a pneumatic jack and bursting head attached by a cable between to do the work.

#3 All-at-once replacement

The bursting head efficiently breaks apart the old pipe while the new pipe is installed behind it simultaneously. No matter what material your old pipes are – cement, cast iron, or PVC – the head breaks it up to make way for the new HDPE pipe and the sewer line replacement is all done at the same time.

sewer line repair

Trenchless Pipe Bursting Fixes The Worst Pipe Problems

We recommend pipe bursting for the most severe water pipe and sewer line problems – whether you have old sewer lines that are failing, undersized pipes, or roots intruding significantly into your old lines, this method can have you fixed up in no time at all. Here are some benefits of water line pipe bursting:

Minimal digging and disruption

Pipe bursting means no upturning your landscaping, sidewalks, or concrete work. Two small holes are all it takes which means minimal restorative costs and the work is done fast so you’re back to proper draining and flushing in a short time. And for commercial repairs, this gets you back to business faster which saves on the cost of lost revenue.

Prevents future problems

Because the replacement pipe is a seamless HDPE pipe, you won’t have problems with future root intrusion, breakage, leaks, calcification build-ups, and other problems you get with traditional pipe materials. That’s peace of mind that you can replace and be done.

Durable materials

Replacement seamless HDPE pipe is heat-sealed and eliminates the risk of future damage because there are no joints or seams to fail. Once you replace your faulty lines with HDPE pipes using trenchless pipe bursting, your pipes will last a lifetime.

Guaranteed results

Not only does Complete Trenchless guarantee their workmanship and sewer repair services, but the pipe itself is also warrantied. You won’t have any problems now or later. These superior, innovative materials guarantee your pipes won’t fail you again. Ask about our guarantee when you call for a free quote!

If your water or sewer lines are clogged, faulty, or backed up, CONTACT COMPLETE TRENCHLESS today. We offer residential and commercial solutions and are the top pipe bursting contractor in Washington specializing in water and sewer line repair and installation.

When you choose Complete Trenchless, you get service with care and expertise – we are family-owned, have a team of experienced pros, and we never use subcontractors. Call Complete Trenchless in Seattle at 206-512-5499 for all your water and sewer line repair, replacement and installation needs.





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