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Seattle Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Inspection in Seattle, WA, and the Nearby Areas

Seattle Sewer Camera Inspections

With most Seattle Washington area sewers and drain pipes, a proper inspection with a camera is the only way to completely and professionally identify the exact problem with a pipe. Whether you need Seattle sewer inspection to repair a clog, crack, pinhole leak, rusting, collapsed or crushed pipes, roots, animal infestation, or whatever other problem is constricting, obstructing, or clogging the pipe.

Our sewer camera inspection in Seattle, WA, works by snaking a tiny camera on the end of a firm hose down the pipe or sewer drain, the video camera on the end sends a signal back to the monitor set that allows us to inspect and investigate the pipe, sewer or drain issue. Having high-tech state of the art equipment makes our inspections much faster, cheaper, and easier than other companies. We have the latest HD high-definition camera heads and plumbing inspection tools for pipes, side sewers, and water mains across Seattle.

Sewer Camera Inspections
sewer line repair

Complete Trenchless can perform Seattle sewer inspection and sewer repair services on just about any drain pipe or sewer line. We can usually inspect copper, steel, galvanized steel, cast iron, orange pitch, PVC, plastic, and other types of sewer drainpipes and other drilling boreholes and subterranean elements.

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Reasons to Perform a Sewer Camera Inspection

A technician points at a screen while performing a camera sewer inspection.Sewer inspections provide a non-invasive method of examining sewer pipes. Inspections are usually performed as part of maintenance, and their use has a variety of benefits. Some of the reasons sewer camera inspections are very useful include:

  1. They can help determine what’s wrong: When there are signs that your sewer system needs fixing, it isn't always easy to pinpoint the root of the problem. Hence, the very first step should be to conduct a sewer camera inspection to identify the cause of the problem and fix it.
  2. They can help detect pipe leaks and other potential problems: Camera inspections can help identify leaks, erosion, roots, and other issues, allowing for a more clear picture of the issues going on in your pipe and the most environmentally-friendly solution to your piping issue. Sewer inspections should be a part of the overall maintenance of your sewer line.

They can assist in locating the problem area: Another thing that's hard to pinpoint with sudden emergency sewer malfunctions is where the problem lies. Sewer inspections are less invasive and quicker than digging to locate a sewer problem, saving time and money.

What to Expect from a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A technician looks at a screen while lowering a camera line into a sewer.When we complete your sewer inspection, we will provide you with a detailed cost estimate that outlines every aspect of the job in fine detail. Every member of our Seattle Trenching Contractor team recognizes that each situation is unique and requires personalized care and attention. From start to finish, we will work directly with you to ensure every detail of your project is completed with the utmost professionalism and workmanship.

In addition to video diagnosis to pinpoint the problem, we use the latest technology to solve your sewer problems and carry out a sewer pipe line repair. Our process is proven effective, environmentally friendly, and increases the flow capacity of your pipe.

Why Choose Complete Trenchless Seattle Sewer Inspection?

  • We do all trenchless work – This means we won’t dig up your landscaping when we inspect or replace sewer lines, destroy your parking lot, sidewalks and driveway, or do any other damage when conducting a repair. Trenchless work is less invasive and more environmentally friendly than traditional methods.
  • We do it cheaper and faster than the rest – There are a number of factors and variables we will consider so as to offer you the best price possible.
  • Latest Technology – We are proud to be on the cutting edge of today’s most viable water main repair technologies with sewer camera inspection services.
  • Personalized Customer Care – We work directly with customers before getting started on any sewer line replacement or inspection, and we discuss all of your options so that you can choose the method that most fits your needs and budget.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service – You can’t predict when a water main will break. That’s why we are there for you whenever you need it. We’re available after hours and on weekends and nights, just give us a call.
Trenchless Sewer Camera Inspections

Seattle Area Sewer Inspections and Leak Detection

If you’re in the greater Seattle, Washington area from Tacoma to Renton to Redmond to Kirkland to Shoreline to Kenmore to Bellingham, downtown Seattle and more, call Complete Trenchless at  206-512-5499 and one of our expert technicians can provide you with a free estimate or quote.





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