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Seattle Sewer Pipe Lining

Trenchless Pipe Lining in Seattle

Save Time, Money and Eliminate Hassle with our Lining Process

You don’t have to rip out your walls and dig through your floor to replace a problem pipe lining. Complete Trenchless provides professional trenchless sewer pipe relining to help eliminate destructive repair while saving you a considerable amount of money. The end result will be a new pipe installed within the old one, complete with a warranty that protects your investment.

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If you have sewer line problems in Seattle, WA, Tacoma, WA, Bellevue, WA, Bellingham, WA, or anywhere in between, Complete Trenchless can help with innovative solutions that save you time, money, and hassle. In addition to video diagnosis to pinpoint the problem, we use the latest technology to solve your sewer problems. Our process is proven effective, environmentally friendly, and increases the flow capacity of your pipe.

We also offer our services to other locations, including:

Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) – is the perfect alternative to expensive pipe replacement. Contact Complete Trenchless at 206-512-5499 to find out more.

Sewer Pipe Lining
sewer line repair

Trenchless Pipe Lining – Why Hire Complete Trenchless?

Complete Trenchless is a family-owned and operated business with more than 20 years of experience in the Seattle area. We do all of our lining work in-house, so you never have to worry about the people doing work around your home.

We are a registered side sewer contractor leading the way in Seattle trenchless pipe lining. Our goal with this technique is to minimize disruption to your property. We accomplish this with advanced diagnostic equipment and our proven Seattle trenchless pipe living technique.

When choosing a trenchless pipe lining company in Seattle, consider the following:

  • We specialize in sewer line repair and installation
  • We are family owned and operated
  • We never farm out work to subcontractors
  • You will always get Complete Trenchless experts on site with every job
  • We also provide free estimates on all residential and commercial sewer jobs, so contact us today and work with the best.

How our Process Saves You Money

SEWER Line Repair

When it comes to repairs, the majority of the cost comes from digging and then replacing whatever was affected by the digging. If your pipe runs under a driveway, you have to dig through it and then redo the driveway, concrete and all. If it runs under your home, you may have to replace the flooring, sheetrock, and everything else that can’t be moved out of the way.

Our technology eliminates all of the hassle and cost associated with digging. Not only is the job completed much faster, but it’s also far less invasive. It also saves you a ton of money. Best of all, the process is just as good, if not better, than traditional pipe replacement. The new pipe installed within the old pipe has a lifespan of 50 years, which is almost double the lifespan of some other materials.

If you’re looking to get the most value for the least amount of money, trenchless technology is the answer.

How does our Seattle trenchless pipe lining process work?

Our sewer pipe line repair method allows us to repair an old pipe without tearing it out of the ground. In the past, we were forced to dig the old pipe up and replace it with a new pipe, but trenchless technology is minimally invasive and essentially rehabilitates the older pipe.

Lining creates a pipe within the existing pipe by injecting epoxy resin into the problem pipes then curing it in place to a hard, smooth, durable finish. Here’s how our Seattle Sewer Pipe Lining/Seattle Sewer Pipe Lining process works:

#1: Video diagnosis

To make sure we know exactly what the problems are before we begin your pipe trenching job, we run a long scope through your sewer lines to assess the defects, pinpointing the problem areas. We’ll look at all your lines and then let you know what’s causing the problem before offering a solution.

#2: Clearing the pipes

Once we’ve made a diagnosis on the pipe, we then use high-pressure water or a pneumatic tool to clear out any blockages or roots and scale off any calcification. This process clears the pipe, bringing it back to its original diameter. There may still be cracks or gaps in the pipes, but these will be fixed in the next stage of the process.

#3 Install and cure the pipe liner

The epoxy lining is pulled into place. Next, a bladder is inflated to push the lining material into place within the diameter of the pipe to keep the lining secure while it cures. Once cured, the bladder is deflated and removed. The end result are perfect, like-new pipes.

Our Seattle trenchless pipe lining process delivers superior results

Choosing pipe lining instead of traditional sewer line replacement to replace sewer line makes sense. This technology was developed 25 years ago and has proven to deliver lasting quality results that withstand the test of time. Here’s why you should use Complete Trenchless for a pipe lining solution that conquers most sewer problems:

It’s as good as brand new pipes – Even if the pipe that you line falls apart around the lining, the cured epoxy will stand alone with impressive structural integrity. It is a pipe within a pipe, and it is just as good as (if not better) than replacing with new traditional pipes.

Installation causes no damage – With pipe lining, there is no need to dig into your yard and overturn your landscaping – and there’s no need to tear up your floors inside the house. Pipe lining is done from one end from one small hole and can usually be done from an existing conduit.

Prevents future problems – The tough epoxy used in pipe lining molds to the original pipe (the host pipe), and fills in any gaps and breaks to create a brand-new seamless pipe that’s impenetrable to roots and prevents future leaks and problems.

Improves water flow – Because the new cured pipe is smoother than traditional pipe materials including concrete, iron, or clay, the flow is unimpeded. Plus, there are no calcification deposits to slow your flow – no substances can adhere to the smooth epoxy.

More affordable – Compared to sewer line replacement with traditional materials, you can expect to save approximately 40%, plus the job will be done faster and you won’t have to pay to repair your lawn or flooring because there’s no disruption.

Long-lasting solution – We offer a 10-year warranty on solutions, but you can expect the benefits to last decades longer. The life-expectancy of epoxy pipe lining solutions is 50 years or more because it’s stronger than any other traditional material on the market.

Roots in the pipe – One of the biggest reasons for failure

Root intrusion into a pipe can be costly. Worst of all, there is hardly any warning that this sort of blockage is imminent. We’ve encountered situations on both residential and commercial properties where root intrusion was an unexpected and unwelcome surprise.

You may not realize it, but root intrusion into a pipe can happen on pieces of property entire devoid of trees. Roots are capable of growing in any direction to great distances, and all it takes is one tiny hole to render a sewer pipe unusable. Murphy’s Law also dictates that these sewer pipe intrusions will only happen directly underneath your home’s foundation or driveway.

How does the tree root enter the line? Are they really that strong?

The truth is that roots aren’t necessarily strong enough to penetrate a pipe, but the pipe was already compromised when the root entered the equation. A crack, hole, or separation in the sewer pipe releases moisture into the soil, which is what attracts the root in the first place. Indeed, a root’s sole purpose is to find water to feed the rest of the tree or plant.

For this reason, it doesn’t matter if your sewer pipe is made out of PVC, clay, or cast iron, it is still vulnerable to Mother Nature’s encroachment. Even warm water flowing within the sewer pipe can create condensation. This moisture attracts even more roots until the entire area around the pipe is a tangled conglomeration of various tree and plant roots.

Seattle Trenchless Pipe Lining

All it takes is a hairline crack to introduce roots into the interior of the pipe. Once roots enter the pipe, they find the perfect moist, fertilized environment to thrive and grow. The compromised area on the pipe is rendered larger as the root grows, allowing even more roots to enter the pipe.

It’s about this time you’ll notice your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets failing to drain at the appropriate rate of speed. You go out and buy some drain cleaner, but it has no effect. Then you try snaking the pipes and pull out all sorts of ghastly items from your drains, but the problem persists. Even if you understand the problem and attempt to kill the roots with chemicals, the sewer pipe is already compromised and is doomed to total failure.

How our Settle trenchless pipe lining process addresses problems with tree roots

Tree roots in and around your pipes can grow to astounding size, so you may think that a trenchless repair is impossible. Not so. It’s actually possible to do trenchless spot repairs on smaller areas affected by roots, but if the pipe is older it makes more sense to add the structural liner to the entire pipe.

One of the most amazing things about our Seattle sewer pipe lining process is that it can be done in mere hours. There is hardly any mess. We don’t have to destroy your foundation to get to the pipe. We don’t have to rip up your driveway. We get to the “root” of the problem without making any mess – pun intended.

Once the new “pipe” is cured, it’s good to go. All of the cracks, holes, and other compromised areas on the old pipe will be entirely eliminated. The resin is also smooth, so roots won’t have anywhere to penetrate the outer surface of the pipe. If roots are the enemy, Seattle trenchless pipe lining technology is a nuclear bomb.

If you have any questions about tree root invasion into your sewer pipes you can contact us for more information about our Seattle trenchless pipe lining technique.

Trust Complete Trenchless to handle your most stubborn sewer problems with our trenchless lining technology

Don’t let a clogged sewer pipe cost you more than it has to. Contact the professional team at Complete Trenchless for a free quote on our sewer repair services. We are the top-rated residential and commercial underground contractor in Washington State.

We specialize in repair and installation, are family owned and operated – and we never, ever farm out work to subcontractors. You will always get Complete Trenchless experts on-site with every job – guaranteed. Call us in Seattle at 206-512-5499.





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