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Seattle Excavation Contractor Services

Excavation Services in Seattle and the entire state of Washington

At Complete Trenchless, we understand that excavation is commonly known for its negative effects on your property. However, excavation is a highly effective method of pipe repair and replacement that allows our team to thoroughly solve your pipes problems. In fact, many pipe problems require excavation to do the job the right way. Our team uses industry-leading technology to complete all types of excavation services in Seattle, WA, and the nearby areas so that we can provide efficient and effective solutions for your Seattle property.

Our team services homes and businesses in:

We also offer sewer, pipe, and drain solutions to other locations, including:

sewer line repair

How to Tell When Your Pipes Need Excavation

There are a variety of instances where excavation might be required. Some of the most common reasons why you may need our trenching services include the installation of new water or sewer pipes, repair of severely damaged sewer and drain pipes, water line replacement, lateral line replacement, and more. All of our excavation services begin with a sewer camera inspection to properly diagnose your pipe and carefully determine what type of excavation services you need.

Why Trust in Our Excavation Services

At Complete Trenchless, we are dedicated to providing excellent excavation services to the Seattle area. We take our reputation as the Seattle trenching contractor of choice seriously and only hire the most qualified engineers and technicians to join our team. We are experienced in serving all types of commercial and residential property and understand that every repair and installation has a budget and time frame. Our team works hard to minimize the impact of excavation, and get your project done on your schedule and within your budget.

Advantages of Excavation Services

While excavation or digging trenches may seem outdated compared to trenchless services, there are certain circumstances where they can be advantageous:

  • Affordability – if you need a pipeline installed underneath an open lot, excavation could be the most affordable option.
  • Repairs – there are certain repairs, such as underground pipe collapse, that require us to expose the pipe to repair or replace it properly.

With all of our excavation projects, our team is trained to provide service that is minimally intrusive to your surrounding landscape and vegetation. All of our equipment and techniques are up-to-date and certified, so you can rest assured your repair will be completed properly.

Our Process

We believe that every successful sewer repair in Seattle, WA is dependent on a thorough inspection. We use trenchless, camera technology to inspect your lines from the inside and pinpoint the repair site. Whether or not your repair requires excavation, you can rest assured that your diagnosis was thorough and accurate. Once our team has completed the inspection process, we will let you know of our findings and recommendations. It is important for us to involve you in the process as much as possible so that we understand your specific needs and expectations.

If your Seattle property needs a side sewer contractor in Seattle, WA for repairs or installations, our team at Complete Trenchless, Inc. is here to help. We treat each call with the personalized care and attention it requires from start to finish. Our reliable excavation services have been trusted for years, so you can count on us to get it right the first time. Call us today to speak to a professional or get an estimate!





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