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Why Sewer Inspection Is Important When Buying an Old Home

Why Sewer Inspection Is Important When Buying an Old Home

As time-consuming as buying your first home is, it’s also an exciting step. But depending on the age of your future home, you may have some specific questions. When you buy an older home, you should ask about the sewer line. Understanding why sewer inspection is important when buying an old home ensures you don’t invest in a money pit.

Understand the Common Problems

While older homes have character, they may run into some issues that newer homes don’t have due to regulations that change over the years. Because of these changes, the pipes in older homes may not be as durable as modern piping. Some common problems include:

  • Corrosion: Homes built 50 years ago may have cast iron pipes which can corrode over time.
  • Broken pipes: Tree roots can grow and crack pipes, leading to problems.
  • Poor installation: The builder may have poorly connected the lines.

While any home can run into pipe-related problems, it’s a bit more common in older homes because these issues often take time to develop. Additionally, modern technology is stronger than what we had to work with in the past.

Repairs Are Expensive

A major part of knowing why sewer inspection is important when buying an old home is to prevent unseen expenses. Although some surprises are great, a newly found sewage issue is not! By calling an expert for an inspection, you stop an emergency from happening and know what to expect. You don’t want to pour money you won’t see into a home, especially if it’s your first.

How Does an Inspection Work?

The thought of getting your sewer lines inspected may sound stressful—the idea of a company tearing up your new lawn to make repairs isn’t a great one. But companies like Complete Trenchless get the job done without destroying your landscaping.

An expert may maneuver a camera through sewer lines to search for a break or clog during an inspection. And if they find a problem, they can inform you of the repair price and the game plan. This also gives you time to assess your options and decide whether to repair or replace the line. It’s worth noting that sometimes it’s better to replace the line completely, especially in older homes, since you may run into more issues down the line.

Before you make any significant decisions, consult an expert. They’ll be able to detect any issues with your sewer lines and understand the best repair methods. Of course, some fixes are easier than others. And for pipe bursting contractors near Seattle, Washington, contact Complete Trenchless! We’ll treat your home as if it’s our own and promise a job well done.

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