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When Do You Need Lateral Line Replacement?

Lateral lines take sewage away from your home or business to the main line. There are many times when you should be able to contact Complete Trenchless for sewer line repair in Bellevue, WA that doesn't involve full replacement. However, there are some circumstances that make lateral line replacement worth considering.

sewer line repair in Bellevue, WA

The Line Has Completely Collapsed

If damage to a lateral line is minimal, sewer pipe line repair is often the better option. However, replacing a lateral line is often what's suggested if most or all of the line has collapsed. With situations like this, it's generally best to have an entirely new line installed rather than opt for application of a new coating.

Repairs Are More Frequent and Costly

Lateral sewer line replacement is also worth considering if you are in need of increasingly frequent and costly repairs. This can be the case if you have an older lateral line that's susceptible to wear and corrosion. A camera inspection can be done to assess the integrity of your lateral line to determine if there are other signs of damage and wear.

There's Damage In Multiple Areas

The overall condition of your lateral line will ultimately determine if it's time to consider sewer repair services such as a sewer line replacement. If results from a camera inspection show that your lateral line is damaged in multiple areas, replacement may be what's recommended. The good news is that there are trenchless methods that can be done to replace a lateral line without full excavation.

Give Our Trenchless Pros a Call

For prompt, affordable results in Bellevue, WA, look no further than Complete Trenchless. We'll give you an honest opinion if you're deciding whether or not to replace sewer line or opt for repairs. If replacement is the better option, we'll get the work done with minimal disruption and optimal efficiency.

Contact us today to explore our lateral line sewer replacement and sewer repair services. We serve the state of Washington.



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