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When to Schedule a Sewer Pipe Replacement

The sewer lines have the responsibility of running wastewater and filtered water to and from the home. When the sewer pipes experience a hiccup, this can disrupt the process and cause safety issues for everyone in the residence. Fortunately, Complete Trenchless offers trenchless sewer repair in Bellevue, WA, but it is still important to look out for the red flags. Here are a few key signs that you need to schedule sewer pipe replacement:

when to schedule a sewer pipe replacement

     1. Common Drain Issues

Drains and pipes can get clogged pretty easily depending on what is being flushed or discarded in the garbage disposal. A lack of maintenance and care can lead to frequent clogs and blockages that take a huge toll on the sewer pipes. After a while, they become weak from the damage, and sewer pipe replacement is needed to bring them back to health. When the drain is slow, always clogged, or emitting foul odors, take that as a sign to get professional service.

     2. Waste or Water Backing up Into the Yard

Problematic sewer pipes that are cracked or broken in any way can result in water or septic waste spilling into the yard of the home. A pipe can become cracked from clogs, invasive tree roots, and poor maintenance. Call a professional for trenchless pipe repair in Bellevue, WA if you notice healthy green patches of grass or water puddles in the yard.

     3. Mold, Insect Growth, and Foul Odor

When there is a serious blockage or crack in the pipes, mold, bug growth, and foul odor can be a consequence. When a pipe is cracked, water can leak into various places of the home and cause water damage. That alone can bring on unpleasant odors but old debris that clogs the pipes can begin to emit strange odors as well because it is decomposing in the pipes. When it gets this bad, sewer pipe replacement is necessary.

Contact Complete Trenchless today for trenchless sewer replacement in Bellevue, WA, and other similar services. You may reach out to our team by calling us or filling out the online form.



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