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What Are Water Main Blowouts?

First, you hear a rumble. All of a sudden, you have a geyser coming out of the ground outside your home. You just had a water main blowout. Okay, that’s one of the more dramatic descriptions, but it happens more often than you might think. According to the experts here at Complete Trenchless, it’s a common reason for water line replacement in Seattle, WA.

water line replacement in Seattle, WA

But what are water main blowouts, what causes them, and how do you deal with them?

The water that comes into your home flows via high pressure. The pressure helps move the water through the municipal water system to residential and commercial properties.

If a crack or break occurs in the water main, the pressurized water will cause the entire line to blow out. In some cases, it can blow away surrounding soil and cause the water to fountain up into the air.

What Causes Water Main Blowouts?

Aging pipes are the main culprits for water line repair in Seattle, WA. Pipes can last for decades, but they will deteriorate over time. At some point, a joint may fail or a crack may develop. That’s just enough for the pressurized water to get through.

Accidents are another common reason for a damaged water line in Seattle, WA. Heavy equipment can compress the soil and crack the pipe. Excavating equipment can cut the pipe.

What Can Be Done About a Water Main Blowout?

The first thing to do is cut off water to the house. The fountain of water can cause erosion and other problems if not stopped. The next thing to do is call for professional water lines services in Seattle, WA. It’s a repair that you want to be done right the first time.

Whether you need a simple repair or complete water line installation in Seattle, WA, Complete Trenchless is the name to trust. Contact us to schedule an appointment. We serve clients in the entire state of Washington.

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