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Why You are Experiencing Low Water Pressure

Signs of Low Water Pressure in Washington

By simple definition, water pressure is the measurement of the force of water pushed by the main line water supply system to your plumbing. This could be the sink faucet, shower head, dishwasher, washing machine, and many other appliances or fixtures hooked up to your plumbing. If you have low water pressure, nothing will get as clean as it should. 

Signs of Low Water Pressure

There are quite a few signs of low water pressure. Perhaps the easiest is if you turn on the faucet all the way, yet the water barely trickles out. Water pressure is used to both fill up the washing machine and throughout the spin cycle. If your home’s water pressure is too low, your laundry may still be dirty after a washing cycle. The same could happen to your dishes in the dishwasher. Plumbing leaks reduce tension in your piping, which can lead to low water pressure. For this reason, cracked or broken pipes are another sign to look for.

Why You’re Experiencing Low Water Pressure

When low water pressure is affecting your pipes, there could be a number of issues causing the problem. The most common causes of low water pressure include:

Clogged Pipe

Far and away, the number one contributor to low water pressure is a clogged water pipe. Just because it’s simple to diagnose doesn’t mean it’s simple to fix, though. Attempting to unclog a water line yourself could lead to water contamination in your home. 

Faulty Pressure Regulator

Every faucet in your home will be affected if the pressure regulator attached to the pipes outside your home fails. The trained and experienced team at Complete Trenchless can test the regulator to see if it is the problem.

Mineral Buildup

Our water has more than just H20 in it. Over time, your pipes, faucet nozzles, and showerheads will be affected by mineral buildup. If the change in your water pressure happened gradually rather than all at once, it’s quite likely this is the root of the issue. Having the buildup professionally removed could solve the issue.

Old Pipes

Just like anything else in life, your pipes age. Old iron pipes are especially susceptible to the type of corrosion that can inhibit the flow of water. Because iron pipes corrode from the inside out, it would be impossible for you to identify this as the problem without a camera inspection. Our team can do that for you!

Complete Trenchless Can Fix Your Plumbing Problems

Complete Trenchless is the area’s industry leader when it comes to low water pressure repair. Hiring a professional is the best move to make when attempting to repair a pipe or water issue. These professionally-skilled technicians are capable of handling any job – large or small. Our team will inspect different elements of your plumbing system that could cause the issue and provide the best solution. This is why home and business owners all across Washington state trust us when they notice the signs of low water pressure!

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