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4 Common Type of Sewer Line Pipe Materials

4 Common Type of Sewer Line Pipe Materials

Looking into the four common types of sewer line pipe materials gives you a better understanding of your home and sewer lines. Each of the materials used is a bit different and has varying lifespans. Expand your knowledge on sewer lines to better know when it’s time to repair or replace yours.

Clay Tile Pipe

Many older homes have vitrified clay pipes (VCP)—also known as clay tile pipes— since the material was common back in the day. Today we occasionally use VCP when constructing homes, but it’s mostly used for gravity sewer collection mains.

Some builders prefer clay tile pipes because of their durability; the material is less likely to degrade over time. However, tree roots are more likely to grow into it since this pipe type doesn’t always have the greatest seal.

Cast Iron Pipe

When it comes to common types of sewer line pipe materials, cast iron is among the strongest. Additionally, these pipes usually have a tight seal which prevents the risk of leakage. Despite this, the material is expensive and prone to rusting, which is why most builders no longer use it.

Orangeburg Sewer Pipe

If you own an older home, then there’s a chance you have Orangeburg pipes. They were common for homes built in or before the 70s. We no longer use this because of its poor durability, which links back to the wood fiber blend used when constructing it. So why was it once popular? Because it’s lightweight and makes construction easy.

Plastic PVC Pipe

In today’s day and age, PVC pipes are the most popular because they’re both easy to install and long-lasting. However, the sewer lines may leak if poorly constructed, especially if the ground shifts or earthquakes occur.

Repair Your Water Lines

If you live in the Seattle, Washington area and need a water line pipe bursting repair, then contact Complete Trenchless. As long-time workers in the industry, we’re seasoned experts and can get your line repaired or replaced in no time.

All lines break down after a while, and some materials increase the likelihood of this. If you’ve noticed your water bill is higher than normal, heard gurgling sounds from the drains, or detected other problems with your sewer or water line, then they may have problems.

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