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Why Hydro Jetting Is the First Critical Step We Take

Sewer line issues can cause major disruptions for property owners, particularly when damaged lines need to be replaced. Fortunately, hydro jetting offers a cost-effective alternative for property owners looking in need of sewer pipe line repair. When performed properly, this process ensures minimal downtime for sewer lines by quickly clearing clogged pipes while minimizing the risk of pipe damage.

sewer line repair in Tacoma, WA

Our plumbing experts begin every sewer line repair in Tacoma, WA with a detailed inspection. After identifying the extent of the obstruction, we typically use hydro jetting tools to clear the sewer line. Hydro jetting involves feeding a high-pressure stream of water through the pipe, eliminating roots, dirt, and organic matter.

Plumbers that offer sewer repair services understand the importance of clearing the line to restore water flow and allow pipes to function normally, but many of those professionals depend on mechanical augers. Unfortunately, augers can easily damage weaker pipes, making the problem significantly worse for homeowners and businesses. Hydro jetting is significantly more powerful and offers better long-term results. The process eliminates built-up minerals and grease, restoring the line to full functionality instead of offering a temporary fix.

Hydro jetting can address all drain lines regardless of the extent of the clog. Even when homeowners need to completely replace sewer line, hydro jetting is a critical first step that allows plumbers to use trenchless repair systems to restore badly damaged pipes without disruptive excavation.

To use hydro jetting effectively, plumbers must carefully analyze pipes and use appropriate equipment that will maintain the integrity of the sewer line. In other words, property owners should look for expert plumbers with significant experience. At Complete Trenchless, we use hydro jetting and other state-of-the-art tools to provide reliable and affordable repair and sewer line replacement.

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