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The Dangers of Playing in Sewers

The Dangers of Playing in Sewers

The Dangers of Playing in the Sewers – Don’t Mess Around, Call a Professional

A recent news story from Federal Way, Washington showed that some children were believed to be living down in the sewers. Other versions of the story had the kids playing down there rather than being homeless kids taking refuge there.

Either way, it should be known that sewers can be dangerous for anyone – children or adults – and no one should go down into the sewers unless they’re a skilled professional or public utility worker. Contact Complete Trenchless today for help with sewer problems.

Manhole covers left ajar alerted utility workers

Meter readers in the Lakehaven district noticed a manhole cover was repeatedly left open despite that utility workers closed it again and again. After the cover was opened a third time, a utility worker went down into the sewer to see what was happening. They found a small bed, toys, binoculars, and some clothing. The work crew also

noticed two young boys, roughly 12 years old, watching them go into the sewer. One told a worker that they had been living down there.

The Dangers of Playing in Sewers

A utility worker cautioned the boys that the sewers are not safe. The items were removed from the sewer cache and the kids reportedly ran off after the encounter. More than 60,000 homeless children live in Washington and homeless living in sewers have been documented in most major urban areas including Seattle, Las Vegas, New York City and more.

#The dangers of the sewers

Onlookers were divided on whether the children were homeless and living in the sewer in Federal Way or if they were from the local neighborhood and had made the sewer a clubhouse of sorts. Either way, only qualified utility and sewer workers should go down into the sewer system and only when safety precautions are taken. If you have children, consider warning them that sewers are unsafe so they’re not tempted to play or explore underground.

Some of the dangers of the sewers include:

  • Sewers are repositories of waste so bacteria are everywhere and can pose a health risk
  • Methane gas can build up owing to decomposition and this can be toxic in high levels
  • Rodents and other disease-carrying animals may be encountered in the sewers
  • Rushing water in rainy weather presents a significant drowning risk from runoff
  • If the manhole cover is blocked by a parked vehicle, you can be trapped in the sewer
  • Manhole covers are dangerous since they weigh 80 pounds and can crush fingers and toes
The Dangers of Playing in Sewers

Sewer problems? Don’t go spelunking, call a professional!

If you suspect sewer problems, intrepid DIY homeowners might want to examine and diagnose the problem. However, this is not advised. Only those kitted out in proper safety gear should go into the sewers because of the risk of bacteria, potentially poisonous gas, and other risks. If you suspect a sewer problem in a public line on the streets, that’s a job for your local utility or county. For a sewer issue in your home or yard, call Complete Trenchless now.

You can schedule Complete Trenchless sewer repair services by calling (206) 259-0415 for our Seattle location. Complete Trenchless has been family owned and operated for more than 20 years and we use the latest trenchless technology to fix your sewer without wrecking your yard. Call today!



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