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What Is a Side Sewer and Why Is It So Important to Your Home?

What you need to know about your side sewer

A side sewer connects your house to the sewer line that runs along your street. This line is critical because while the sewer line in the street is the responsibility of the local sewer utility, your side sewer line is your responsibility because it’s fully on your property. If you have a problem with your side sewer in the greater Seattle area including Tacoma and Bellingham, Complete Trenchless can help.

What’s also critical to know is that your side sewer may be just as old as your home – and may have never been replaced. If you live in one of the great vintage homes in Ballard or any other niche neighborhoods in Seattle, your side sewer may be a ticking time bomb. Here’s what you need to know about your side sewer to prevent a plumbing disaster.

What Is a Side Sewer and Why Is It So Important to Your Home?

Side sewer materials vary widely and break down at different rates

The material of your side sewer usually depends on the age of your home since material usage varied over time. Your side sewer pipe may be clay, brick, iron, concrete or plastic (PVC). Problems can come from bad connections, breaks, and leaks in the pipe. Poor installation and degrading materials can also cause side sewer problems.

You should know some basic information about your side sewer so you’re prepared. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Know the location of your side sewer so you don’t damage it with landscaping or remodeling.
  • Know if your side sewer is original with the property or has been replaced and the pipe material.
  • Know to avoid planting trees and shrubs near your side sewer to avoid root intrusion.
  • Know to avoid rinsing grease or flushing garbage to prevent clogs and build-up.
  • How to know if your side sewer has problems

Slow drains can be a sign that your pipe might be clogged or cracked. Odors in your yard or bathroom or coming out of drains are other signs that your side sewer may be troubled. If your side sewer is cracked or leaking, taking care of the problem before there’s an overflow or complete break can prevent costly damage to your property and a messy emergency.

Concerns when repairing or replacing a side sewer

If you live in the city of Seattle, there are specific code requirements regarding materials that may be used to repair or replace a side sewer as well as mandates on fittings, pipe size and bedding materials on which the pipe rests. To ensure that your side sewer is within code, use an experienced professional like Complete Trenchless for your repair or replacement.

There are several options for your repair including sewer pipe lining and pipe bursting.

  • Pipe lining is a high-tech process that creates a new pipe inside the existing pipe using durable epoxy resin.
  • Pipe busting is preferable for badly damaged pipes and simultaneously gets rid of your old pipe while installing a new one.

The option you choose for your side sewer repair or placement should depend on the state of your original pipe, your budget and preferences. With Complete Trenchless, whatever you choose, know that we specialize in trenchless sewer repair which means less impact to your property and landscaping, faster service, and affordable cost.

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