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How Excavation Properly Restores Your Sewer and Drain Pipes

Excavating for sewer and drain repairs often comes with a negative connotation. Property owners want to avoid digging to preserve their landscaping and get the job done quickly. Unfortunately, not every sewer and drain repair works that way. While the Complete Trenchless team explores all possible solutions before recommending excavation, it is a necessary solution in some instances.

Reasons For Excavation

When our skilled technicians decide excavation is needed, it is likely because of one of the following reasons:

  • Project includes installation of new water or sewer pipes
  • Repair needed of severely damaged sewer and drain pipes
  • Complete water line replacement
  • Lateral line replacement

Before the excavation work begins, our technicians will perform a sewer camera inspection to properly diagnose your pipe and carefully determine what type of excavation services you need.

Excavation Services From Complete Trenchless

For Seattle excavation services,Complete Trenchless is the most reliable name in the area. Our team consists of the top engineers and technicians in the country. We are committed to staying on budget and hitting the timeframe for each of our excavation projects. Our team works hard to minimize the impact of excavation, and get your project done on your schedule and within your budget.

Advantages of Seattle Excavation

While traditional excavation services are often the last resort to repair broken pipes and sewer lines, the technique does get the job done well. We’ve developed a trusted method to our excavation services.

A thorough inspection is performed ahead of each project to ensure the excavation method is the best fit for the job. We use trenchless camera technology to inspect your lines from the inside and pinpoint the repair site. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll explain our findings and answer any questions you may have.

We’ll review the timeline and work scope of your necessary Seattle excavation project. By working efficiently, our team will minimize the damage done to your lawn and keep our digging within a certain frame of trees, flowers, walkways, and other beautification elements that you would like to protect.

The Complete Trenchless team is dedicated to offering reliable excavation services in Seattle. Contact our team now to schedule your appointment.



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