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Difference Between Pressurized Pipes and Non Pressurized Pipes

Complete Trenchless specializes in two plumbing pipes that are a staple in any house – sewer drain pipes and water supply pipes.

Water Supply Pipes

Fresh water is supplied to your home via a water line connected to a well or the water company’s service pipeline. Water pipes are constantly under pressure, which is lost for every 1/2 lb per square inch for each foot that extends further from the supply. When the water arrives at the destination, it gets diverted to either the hot or cold water pipe which runs parallel to each other.

Sewer Drain Pipes

Drain, waste, and vent pipes and the waste drainage system makes use of gravity to ferry out household waste material to the municipal treatment line. A vertical set of pipes called the soil stack carries out waste to the main drain, normally located underground towards a septic tank or further away to the city’s sewer system.

Pipe Size and Material

The material and size of a pipe will give you an idea of how and what it’s used for.

Main pipelines running from the street to your property are likely to be 3/4 inch in diameter. Down the line, the diameter gets smaller when the main is divided into different components. Galvanized, copper and white plastic pipes that are about half an inch to an inch in diameter usually carry water to different areas of the house. Plastic or flexible copper tubing may be employed to supply water to hot water dispensers, ice makers, ice filters and the like.

Pipes that sport an inch or a 1.5 inch diameter are mostly used for waste lines. Large-diameter copper, cast iron or plastic pipes are typically used in a vent-waste-drain system. Three quarter inch pipes are used for either the main soil stack, the vent, or the waste line connected to bathroom fixtures and toilets.

Complete Trenchless technology addresses the following problems:

Pressurized pipes systems

  • Joint failure
  • Buildup of mineral deposits that impede flow
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Water discoloration

Non-pressurized pipes systems

  • Clogged or backed up pipes
  • Caved pipes
  • Tree root intrusion

At Complete Trenchless, we utilize the best and the most innovative solutions for fixing any kind of water line or sewer drain issue to save you time and money.



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