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Dealing With a Water Main Blow-Out

Coming home to a burst water main is a disaster. It's important to know what to do if this happens to you. At Complete Trenchless, we offer a rapid response to your damaged water line. Follow these tips when you have a water main blow-out.

damaged water line

Call for Emergency Repairs

The first thing to do when you have a water main blow-out is call us for water lines services. We'll get to your location as quickly as possible. We secure all the necessary permits for replacing water lines.

Turn Off the Water

While waiting for us to perform your water line repair in Tacoma, WA, you need to halt the flow of water to your home. Find your water meter. Turn off the water to your home. You may need a wrench to do this. It's good to know in advance where the right tool is and where the water meter is. You can even practice this when there's no emergency.

Open a Few Faucets

If you have a water main blow-out, turn on a couple of faucets in your home. Allow the water to run out. This relieves pressure in your plumbing system while you wait for a water line replacement.

Call Your Insurance Company

Even if your insurance company won't cover a deteriorated or neglected water line that requires water line installation, it may cover damage to your home. Even insurers that don't provide this coverage may have a list of home services companies that can clean the water damage for you. It's important to clean any interior standing water as soon as possible after a burst pipe.

Complete Trenchless is a reputable plumbing company that can efficiently replace your broken water line. We're available on weekends and holidays to respond to these plumbing emergencies. To learn more or request a service, give us a call today. We serve the state of Washington.



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