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7 Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling

7 Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a newer technology in pipe and utility installation that allows greater accuracy and flexibility in placement and ends the need for costly digging, large crews, road closures and other complications of traditional digging and pipe installation.

The traditional system of digging down to install pipes and utilities is called “open cut” and is far more disruptive than HDD and comes with many drawbacks. Horizontal directional drilling is likely the best alternative for your repair, maintenance or installation project.

Here’s a look at seven benefits of horizontal directional drilling

#1 Durability

HDD uses tough materials with longer lifespans and greater accuracy in placement prevents damaged during installed. In some areas, like across rivers, pipes were often run under bridges which exposed them to the elements leading to wear and tear that cut the lifespan of pipes by 50%-75%. HDD allows easier installation under rivers, driveways, etc. and burying pipe and utility lines improves durability.

7 Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling

#2 Faster Installation

HDD makes for a much faster installation. This is an obvious benefit. Drilling horizontally under the ground without digging down and then across as is done with traditional open-cut means the work will get done much faster. There’s less dirt displaced, less to rebury, and less to dispose of, so the time savings is multi-fold when you compare HDD versus open-cut for water and sewer lines or utilities.

#3 Lower Cost

HDD is faster and that means lower cost. Plus, less dirt displaced means less dirt replaced and that saves time. Because HDD requires fewer operators, there’s also savings in terms of manpower. There is also less equipment required as HDD doesn’t rely on backhoes and other heavy equipment rental. That means lower cost. Most every aspect of HDD is more cost-effective than open-cut drilling.

#4 Less Disruption

HDD addresses two disruption factors – landscaping and time. Because HDD displaces less soil and doesn’t require digging down into your property the entire length of the pipe or line, that means your landscaping will be preserved. There is a dig down at the start of the pipe but no tearing up landscaping all along the line. This lets you get back to business as usual – and your life – faster.

7 Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling

#5 Location Flexibility

HDD allows placement of pipes, water and sewer lines, and utilities where obstacles are an issue. For instance, if you need a line or utilities run under a road, driveway, culvert, river, or in an area where the pipe must curve, horizontal drilling allows for all of this. You can lay pipe where it was too costly to before – or virtually impossible. This helps homeowners and businesses both.

#6 Less Soil Contamination

Because horizontal directional drilling pushes soil to the side rather than bringing it to the surface, there’s much less of a chance that soil contamination will spread above-ground with HDD during the drilling. In addition, contaminated soil should not permeate the pipes because the pipe connections are long lasting to preserve integrity. Traditional vertical drilling poses a much greater contamination risk.

#7 Fewer Permit Issues

Whether the drilling is for a residence or commercial purposes, HDD usually requires less extensive permitting because it creates less of a disturbance, produces less debris, doesn’t require blocking traffic as traditional drilling does, and because it’s a similer process with fewer works and equipment required, it can be easier to get approval to perform the work.

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