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5 Warnings Signs of Water Line Problems

Water line problems? Here are 5 signs you should never ignore

Sometimes water lines go bad because the pipes are old – sometimes it may be a problem with water line materials or it may be due to sloppy installation. No matter what caused your water line problem, it can be costly the longer you let it faster. Here are water line warning signs that you should NOT ignore.

#1 Steady increase or spike in your water bill

Water bills are typically uniform seasonally. If you notice a continual increase in your usage or an outright spike, this can be a definite warning sign of water problems. If the water usage inside your house isn’t up, that water is going somewhere outside your house. The moment you notice an increase, you should investigate your lawn, basement, foundation and water line at the street to check for leaks.

5 Warnings Signs of Water Line Problems

#2 Low water pressure

A decrease in water pressure is a red flag of water line problems. Lower water pressure can indicate you’re losing water to a leak somewhere. That means that not only will you struggle to get a good flush, rinse your dishes, and rinse shampoo out of your hair, you may have water leaking into your lawn, foundation, basement or even the street. Don’t let this warning sign go unheeded.

5 Warnings Signs of Water Line Problems

#3 Darker water from taps

If your water starts coming out of your taps brownish or rust-colored, that can be an indication of a water line problem. The tint can come from break down of clay pipes, corrosion, or dirt getting into the line from a cracked water line. If your water is not crystal clear, something may be up with your water line and can mean your water is unsafe to drink, is corrupting your ice maker and can be a health hazard.

5 Warnings Signs of Water Line Problems

#4 Soft spots in your yard

Soft or squishy spots in your yard can come from a cracked water line leaking into the ground under your lawn. This means you can be losing a lot of water into the soil and not realize it for a while. Heavy rains can always leave soggy spots in your lawn but if you notice wet spots when it has not been pouring (sometimes hard to check in Seattle), don’t ignore this sign of a cracked, leaking or busted water line.

5 Warnings Signs of Water Line Problems

#5 Sound of running water

This is a big red flag that should not be ignored even for a moment. If you hear the sound of running water and you’re not using a tap, dishwasher, washing machine, or other legitimate consumption, you should investigate ASAP. This is usually the big sign that what may have started as a leak or dribble has turned into a full-blown water line disaster (or disaster in the making).

Don’t ignore these symptoms of water line problems – the longer you let a water line problem go, the worse it will get, the more impact it may have on your water bill, and the costlier it can be to replace.

5 Warnings Signs of Water Line Problems

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