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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

If you have questions about our Seattle sewer line repair or pipe repair services, or you are in an emergency situation, call us in Seattle at 206-659-2315 and one of our technicians will help. When you work with Complete Trenchless.

We will provide you with a free inspection and provide you with a detailed outline of options so that you can make an informed choice that fits your budget.

  • Sewer repairs need not destroy your landscape and driveway
  • There are non-invasive techniques for water pipe and sewer line repair
  • Complete Trenchless is Seattle’s industry leader
  • Most repairs are completed far quicker than you might expect

There are many unique problems when it comes to water pipe repair, and this is why experience matters when you are looking for someone to repair or replace your pipes.


Many people think a broken water pipe is going to be a lengthy and costly ordeal that will result in their lawn and landscaping being torn apart. Fortunately, there are modern technologies that take much of the hassle and cost out of a water pipe or sewer line repair.

At Complete Trenchless, we work directly with homeowners, businesses, and government agencies to quickly and efficiently address water pipe problems. By offering everything from trenchless pipe and sewer repair to more traditional trenching repair methods, there is little we haven’t seen and nothing we can’t handle.

We make a point to respond to every inquiry immediately and stay on task until the job is done. Whether you’ve suffered a water pipe break or a sewer pipe break, you need immediate attention and care from someone that will get things working again as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Us For Your Sewer Line Repairs

We specialize in trenchless repair techniques like pipe bursting because it fixes the problem while mitigating the damages caused by more traditional techniques like trenching. Instead of digging trenches all over your lawn, these modern methods for repair allow us to leave most of the landscape intact, including sidewalks, driveways, and other hardscape features.

Many homes are quite old, and it was common at one time to use concrete pipes for sewer lines. Unfortunately, concrete is no match for the steady encroachment of roots from a growing tree.

Eventually, there comes a day when your sewer backs up and no amount of snaking will clear the problem. Usually what we find with our remote cameras is that root has grown so large within the pipe, it is no longer able to drain an adequate amount of waste, necessitating a repair.

There are multiple methods we may use to fix the problem, and we may even utilize multiple ideas on one job. Every situation is unique, but some of the ways we fix a sewer line are as follows:


Pipe Bursting

This is a trenchless method for conducting a Seattle sewer repair that entirely replaces the existing line. Simply stated, an expanding drill-like head “bursts” the old pipe into tiny fragments while a pulling rod drags a new pipe into its place. This process is also capable of inserting a sewer line that is larger in diameter than the existing line.


Pipe Lining

Pipe lining is a relatively self-descriptive Seattle sewer line repair method. An epoxy-like polymer liner is inserted into your sewer pipe, which then molds onto the interior surface. Not only does this plug the holes in the pipe, but also prevents future root invasion.


Horizontal Drilling

When a pipe cannot be repaired, this method allows for a new pipe to be laid alongside the old one, with minimal intrusion into your landscape. Two holes are dug on either end of the area the line must be laid, and the new pipe is inserted using state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained manpower.

choose complete trenchless for all of your seattle sewer line and water pipe repair needs

When the water stops running or the sewer stops draining, there is little recourse other than to call a professional that can help. Why not call the Seattle area’s industry leader and get the job done right the first time, without hassle or delay?

With more than ten years of servicing commercial and residential entities in the Seattle area, we understand this region and the problems that plague it better than anyone else. Our goals on every Seattle sewer repair or water pipe repair or replacement job are as follows:

  • Save You Money
  • Find the Best Method of Repair for Your Circumstances
  • Respond Quickly
  • Get the Job Done Quickly
  • Provide You with Personalized Care

If you suddenly find yourself in need of a water pipe or Seattle sewer repair, don’t hesitate to call us in Seattle at 206-659-2315. We will make sure to have your problem fixed as quickly as possible, at the best price possible, and in the least invasive way we can.

12 inch Sewer Line Installation Video in Seattle, WA



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