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French Drain Installation

French Drain Installation in Seattle, WA

Good water management and drainage system is a necessity on many properties in Washington. Frequent precipitation and snow can lead to saturation of the soil, which in turn can cause flooding and damage to properties. If your property floods regularly and moisture threaten to damage your home or commercial structure, a French drain system may be the solution to your problems.

Complete Trenchless can help. We install French drains in Seattle and all over the state of Washington. Whether your property suffers from standing water or your basement or crawls space floods regularly, we can help you manage that water and keep it away from your property. Installation of a proper French drain can help you avoid serious damage that can lead to foundation trouble, wood rot, and more.

What Is a French Drain?

A French drain is a type of in-ground drain system that moves water through the soil and away from the foundation of a structure to prevent damage and flooding. French drains are common in areas where precipitation can be heavy, and in homes with basements or crawl spaces that flood regularly.

To install a French drain, the soil is removed and replaced by a perforated PVC pipe. Water flows into the pipe as the ground becomes saturated, then the water is transported through the drain and away from the structure. The soil-retention fabric prevents the drain from filling with soil, which stops sinkholes from forming in the area and also prevents the drain from clogging.

Components of a French Drain System

  • A trench is dug deep into the soil to collect the water that exists in the soil around the perimeter of the structure.
  • The trench is lined with filter fabric to prevent soil from entering the drain.
  • A rock field is used to allow for water flow to the perforated pipe. The rock field also creates a barrier that prevents soil from entering the pipe.
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Where Are French Drains Installed?

French drains are typically installed around the exterior of the building, home or structure, because this is where water can penetrate the foundation and cause flooding and other damage. Sometimes French drains are installed in low points in the lawn when large puddles tend to develop following rain. This prevents boggy water from damaging plants and also makes the lawn more useful to homeowners. Some French drains are placed inside the house to protect basements and crawl spaces that naturally fill with water.

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How Can You Tell if Your Property Needs a French Drain System?

If your property tends to flood regularly, or if your basement or crawl space is frequently damp following rain, then a French drain system may protect your property. The best way to decide whether this type of system is right for your home or commercial structure is to contact a water management and drainage expert that can assess your needs based on the configuration of your property, the type of problems you're experiencing, and your budget.

Where Are French Drains Installed?

  • In-basement drainage system. This is a drain system installed under the concrete floor of the basement to prevent flooding. In-basement drainage systems are often less expensive than installing footing drains.
  • Crawl space drainage system. A crawl space drainage system is installed inside the crawl space, around the perimeter.
  • Yard drain. A yard drain is a type of drain that's installed in the yard to manage standing water that generally collects thereafter rainfalls.
  • Footing drain. A footing drain is placed around the outside of the foundation, around the basement.
  • Channel drain. A channel drain is a type of drain installed in a trench across the driveway, usually not far from the garage door. The drain includes an open grate that allows water to flow through the trench and away from the driveway.

Think Your Property Needs a French Drain? Contact Complete Trenchless

Water management is an important part of owning a property in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you live in a home or on a commercial property, the installation of a French drain can help you protect your property and improve its value. Work with a contractor who understands French drain installation, who can help you determine whether this type of drain installation is right for your property.

Complete Trenchless is proud to serve the entire state of Washington, helping homeowners to protect their property from the devastating effects of standing water and precipitation. To find out more about French drain installation in Seattle, contact us today.

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