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Complete Trenchless offers a wide variety of underground construction services. We service both residential and commercial client in and around Seattle, WA. We are one of the few underground construction companies in the state of Washington. We pride ourselves in delivering quality service at affordable rates. Our promise to you consist of delivering underground construction projects on time and on budget.

Underground Construction Services We Offer


Many companies perform public utility work, what separates our company from other underground utilities contractors is the size, scope and scale of our projects. We perform our utility work to what other contractors consider impossible schedules in densely populated, urban environments. We also pride ourselves in our extreme professionalism, accuracy and defect prevention. Complete Trenchless continues to generate a reputation for excellence in underground utility construction.

  • Water Mains
  • Sewer
  • Underground Electrical Duct Banks
  • Underground Excavations for Large Structures
  • Gas Lines
  • Subdivision Utility Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications – Directional Boring and Trenching


Complete Trenchless offers a full range of directional drilling services including straight-hole drilling, conventional displacement, horizontal, multilateral, under-balance applications, reentries and open hole side tracks. We have the expertise and tools to work on a variety of projects. We service both residential and commercial clients in and around Seattle, WA.



Directional drilling is drilling wells at multiple angles, not just vertically. Directional drilling allows multiple wells from the same vertical well bore, minimizing the wells’ environmental impact.

If you are in need of our directional drilling service for your home or business please feel free to contact us at 206-659-2315 and one of our drilling experts will assist you.


Directional Boring, commonly called horizontal directional drilling, is a steerable trench-less method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables. These cables are installed in shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area. We have completed projects in and around Seattle, WA with pipe size requirements ranging from 3/4″ to 36″ in diameter. These pipe installations have ranged in lengths from 30′ of 2″ to 2,400 feet of 36″ pipe. As you can see no project is to big or too small as we have done a variety of projects through our many years in business.

  • Telecommunications
  • Power Cable Conduits
  • Water Lines
  • Sewer Lines
  • Gas Lines
  • Oil Lines
  • Product Pipelines
  • Environmental Remediation Casings


Complete Trenchless is a leader in the underground telecommunications installation. We have constructed telephone, traditional copper, and fiber optic systems throughout Washington State. We have installed telecommunication lines for Frontier and Comcast.  Our experience and our ability to keep pace with technological advances in the industry, has enabled us to provide high quality construction services to our communications customers.

Urban open cut trenching projects are one of our specialties. We have installed telecom lines in heavy traffic, with existing utilities and restricted work hours while completing every project on time and within budget.  Our open cut operations are complimented by our directional drilling capabilities which allow us to install conduit systems with minimal impact on congested streets and without harming environmentally sensitive areas.


Water mains are one of those things no home owner wants to deal with. Unfortunately if you are having problems with your water mains, it’s likely causing major headaches for you. Complete Trenchless specializes in repairing and installing new water mains to your home in the least amount of time. Most of the time we can use trench less technology to reduce the impact on the exterior visual appearance of your home. We know how precious water is to you this is why we offer the fastest response times in the business. We can usually get you up and going in several hours.

No matter what your current predicament is, you will want your water mains installed right the first time to avoid more headaches in the future. We have helped hundreds of home owners around the Seattle area replace or repair all their major water lines. In all of our years in business we have yet to receive one complain from our customers.


When you need a professional trenching contractor look no further than Complete Trenchless. Our main focus and time is dedicated to trenching and excavating jobs. We have helped hundreds of businesses, governments and home owners with all their trenching needs. Many of our clients in Seattle trust us with their next project because they know they will get a quality job and a reasonable rate. We own all the equipment necessary to handle any type of job.

  • Our reputation is impeccable
  • Our costs are low, compared to other contractors
  • We have years of experience as this is our expertise
  • We offer a great warranty for your piece of mind


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